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The Mission of MedCare Clinic

MedCare Clinic offers high quality healthcare services for Bonaire, tourists and those in the broader Dutch Caribbean. We provide healthcare according to Dutch standards, taking into account the broad field of medicine, applicable legislation and registration.

MedCare Clinic is committed to improving access to consistent and quality healthcare provided by highly qualified medical practitioners in modern, state-of-the-art facilities.

MedCare Clinic is dedicated to patient-centered care for the entire family. Our qualified practitioners have a variety of backgrounds and interests to meet your needs. In our clinic, our staff is dedicated to making your visit as pleasant and efficient as possible. We value the long-term relationships we build with our patients.

MedCare Clinic

We know we’re often the first step on your road to recovery. At MedCare Clinic you can count on the best service and hospitality the island has to offer, for you and your family. We work exclusively with Dutch certified doctors and nurses who are BIG-registered*, rating them with one of the highest healthcare standards and education. MedCare Clinic puts much time and effort into medical innovations, making use of the latest technologies and equipment.


*The BIG register is a legal, online and public register for Professions in Individual Health Care (Beroepen in de Individuele Gezondheidszorg). Only healthcare professionals who are registered in the BIG register, may use the protected professional title and may independently perform the reserved actions associated with the profession.

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